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Have you heard of Best extractor hoods?

If the brand name Best doesn’t ring a bell, then you probably think of extractor hoods as a noisy hulk that absorbs the fat from the environment. But that’s not the case. Best has taken the concept of kitchen extractors (hoods) and turned it into

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The Cocktail line from Faber. The latest in the evolution of kitchen hoods!

  Exhaust hoods have not always been beautiful and functional pieces in our kitchens. In fact, they have not always been part of that space. Far back in history are the days when the kitchen was the least important space in the house, being

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Gaggenau puts its signature technology and design on kitchen hoods

  Talking about technology applied to the most sensitive area of the house, the kitchen, is talking about Gaggenau. However, this German brand enjoys great prestige among designers thanks to its ability to wrap what they call "cutting edge

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