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Sinks and how Franke gave them a prominent place in the kitchen

  In a stylish kitchen, no piece is randomly placed. Franke is aware of that, and for that reason, its sinks have a stellar position in the harmony that interior designers and architects create in this space. So, a sink that fits into what

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The perfect sink for the dream kitchen

  Yes, the dream kitchen is full of details. Some of them are bigger than others, but certainly nothing can be overlooked. The focus is always on the appliances, leaving behind other devices of great use and importance such as the

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9 LCI Brands stood out at KBIS 2018 (part I)

  With more than 4,000 square feet, the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando was the location chosen for the event from January 9th to 11th that showcased the most important design brands of industrial and domestic kitchen and bathroom

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8 LCI brands will participate in KBIS 2018

  The KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) opens its doors again for architects, interior designers, remodelers, and developers for the opportunity to start the new year with a broad vision of what’s new and the trends in kitchens and

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Five-star waste disposals

  The disposal of food waste in the kitchen is a real concern for housewives, because it is a source of mold, insects, odors, dirt, and bacteria. When choosing the one that will be your best ally, take into account the five guidelines that a

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Cooking in times of innovation

  Grandmas still do not give credit to what is currently happening in our kitchens. They used to spend endless hours stuck to the stoves patiently waiting for a chicken or suckling pig to finish baking as well as working hours to remove

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