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Looking for something more than coffee?

For coffee lovers, a simple espresso is no longer enough. If you are looking for more than that, Jura offers multiple options in a compact adjustable machine for your home or office with all the luxury and quality that characterizes this brand. 12

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The millions of reasons to celebrate with good coffee made by Jura

  When it comes to making coffee Jura has it all. It’s not a coincidence that the Swiss brand has earned a sales record and diverse distinctions that certify not only its quality but also the level of technological innovation. Just

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Built-In from Bosch, the new best friend of espresso lovers

  Bosch knows that the flavor and power of a well-made espresso have no comparison. It's the purest form to enjoy a good coffee and even the toughest test for a barista. However, the beverage with most fans around the world puts on three new

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Got any reasons to avoid sharing your coffee? Jura gives you all of them

  The most consumed beverage in the world is gaining more jealous suiters every day. And it couldn’t be any other way, since the properties of the coffee that improves the quality of our lives and the health of consumers continue to be

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Jura WE8: Having a barista just a click away

  What's a barista? It's a coffee alchemist, someone who knows the ideal point for the water and milk, as well as the perfect bean grinding point. They believe nothing can be left to chance. Not even cleaning the coffee machine between one

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