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Alex Wertenstein: A chef without poses and not afraid of a crisis

  Venezuelan chef Alex Wertenstein doesn’t know a thing about posing. Yes, he admires the great chefs, but he also believes that those far from the glamour and the aesthetic pretensions, who can prepare a dish with a flavor that fills the

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Bourdain: the flame that will shine forever in the kitchens of the world

  Anthony Bourdain left this world being at the top of his professional career. The chef that became famous for humanizing the gastronomy world in a special way, provided unforgettable experiences through the tv shows he hosted. Two-time

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Thermador comes back as the kitchen range of choice for the Cayman Cookout

  Once again, the most renowned chefs in the world, the big brands related to kitchen and wine, and gastronomy fans will gather from January 10th through the 14th at the heavenly Caribbean to be part of the Cayman Cookout. The event takes

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