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Have you heard of Best extractor hoods?

If the brand name Best doesn’t ring a bell, then you probably think of extractor hoods as a noisy hulk that absorbs the fat from the environment. But that’s not the case. Best has taken the concept of kitchen extractors (hoods) and turned it into

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Two hoods, one need, one brand: Best

  Something that is frequently overlooked when remodeling or designing a kitchen is including a good extractor hood. That would be a mistake, not only because it's certainly an important piece, especially for open concept kitchens since it

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9 LCI Brands stood out at KBIS 2018 (part I)

  With more than 4,000 square feet, the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando was the location chosen for the event from January 9th to 11th that showcased the most important design brands of industrial and domestic kitchen and bathroom

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8 LCI brands will participate in KBIS 2018

  The KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) opens its doors again for architects, interior designers, remodelers, and developers for the opportunity to start the new year with a broad vision of what’s new and the trends in kitchens and

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Tips to choose the ideal hood according to Best

  Hoods, or extractors, are undoubtedly one of the inventions that have added the mostto modern kitchens. The thingis that it is of little use wanting to make this partof the home into a space filled with luxurious shelves, fashionable

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