inspire design

Inspire & Design: an app for experts in good taste

  The intrigue has already been unveiled and Inspire & Design can become the best ally you can have at click’s distance. The app, available for Android and iOS, is an initiative of La Cuisine International and a solution where you will

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A+ Awards: Architecture awarded by its fans

  Nobody better than an expert to appreciate and analyze a piece of their craft. That is the concept behind the Architizer A+ Awards, that each year acknowledges the best and most distinguished works in all fields of architecture. These

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coyote asadores

Coyote: home warmth outdoors

  Cooking outdoors is perhaps one of the guilty pleasures that modern men most secretly enjoy. And Coyote knows it. That is the reason why all products from this brand make cooking outdoors a simple, comfortable, and pleasant

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The secrets of a smart kitchen

  Smart kitchens are the latest in design. Self-cleaning, connected, and beautiful; these are not only a mere compendium of devices, but a technological symphony whose chords are organized to make modern life more comfortable and

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Award winning appliances: quality guarantee

  International design awards are recognitions to the quality, innovation, functionality, and competitiveness of a product. That is why brands struggle to get them working with determination in the pursuit of perfection of their concepts and

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Smart homes by Bosch

  Imagine you have a dinner at home, but at the office a client demands a little more time. With Home Connect you will be able to roast that chicken, turn on the air conditioner, and even make the dishwasher have everything clean by the time

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Bosch Benchmark Loft Cocina

Modern style rules

  Every mind is a different universe and each designer’s is almost infinite. Although it seems unlikely, in 2017 it looks as if everyone is agreeing, at least as far as kitchens are concerned. If you take a look at home-dedicated blogs and

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4 reasons that make Smeg the brand of designers

  Smeg is more than just a trendy brand. For designers around the world this Italian brand is an unmistakable synonym of good taste, quality, high technology, and sophistication. With such qualities, who couldn't resist Smeg? Still, there are

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6 characteristics that define Smart Cities

  Architects and urban planners of the world debate together with public entities and sociologists about the parameters of what is or should be a "smart city". The indicators in this sense are so broad and dissimilar that the experts insist

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Kaleidos and Vanilla, the “Up & Down” hoods of Faber

  All the kitchens of the world owe Faber the cooker hood. This Italian brand leader in ventilation found in 1950 the solution to stagnant odors in this room of the home. Today with more than half a century of experience, Faber dares to

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