Louvre de Abu Dabi

The architecture of 2017

  2017 will surprise us on the architectonic field. Train stations featuring futuristic aesthetics, as well as cutting-edge technology, and emblematic museums in the Middle East are just examples of the multiple openings and unveilings that

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Green in every roof

  Architecture and ecology seem to be becoming more than friends. The use of technology that aims to make the world a less polluted place is a trend that has permeated many fields. Without a doubt, architecture takes the lead and has made

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Smeg ovens: minimalism and avant-garde technology

  The sweet smell of cupcakes, the satisfaction of home cooked lasagna or that Mediterranean vegetable escalibada are unique dishes that ask for more than an oven. They call for an ally in the kitchen like the ones only a brand like Smeg can

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Green architecture set to conquer the world

  “Green is good” seems to be the motto of the years to come regarding architecture. The so called green buildings or sustainable structures are part of the developments that currently generate the most interest in companies and governments

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Gaggenau’s savoir faire

  Yes, Gaggenau is a German brand, but the appellatives with which it can be described are French. And the thing is that the charm and the savoir-faire of this brand have made it transcend its niche in the market to settle in the mind of the

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Jorn Utzon’s holistic genius

  Known as the mastermind behind the creation of the Sidney Opera House, Jorn Utzon is an architect whose work will always be remembered for his ability to mix the quality of shapes with natural structures. Born in Denmark in 1918, he created

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Gaggenau celebrates the conclusion of its 333-year anniversary.

  The leading brand of professional-grade domestic appliances concludes its 333-year anniversary at the LivingKitchen trade fair in Cologne on 16–22 January 2017. As visitors walk through the booth, they will discover a display evocative of a

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Architecture that test your amazement

Strange or creative? The mix of lines and materials seem to be beyond limits in architecture. From the pyramids in Egypt to the skyscrapers in New York, the architectonic wit can be reflected on concrete and brick, sometimes defying the established

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Dia 7

Alfresco ALXE: Dream grill

  Nothing like Sunday barbecues! Family, friends and children, memories and stories by the warmth of the fire, while the meat gets perfectly cooked under the guidance of the elected chef. In a picture like this, the only detail missing would

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The architectural god of the details

  Around the Bauhaus School, a philosophical and architectural movement –which virtually marked half of the 20th century- was formed. Thinkers, artists and architects formed in its core, and amongst the most celebrated names is that of Ludwig

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