Thermador Expands Options for Personalization in 2016

  As the first quarter of 2016 comes to an end, it’s evident that the trend of personalization won’t be dying down anytime soon – in fact recent statistics show that trade professionals expect to see a 20% growth in single family home

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Bosch® FlexInduction® tops: Flexibility that inspires

    As a key space in a house, a kitchen contributes to a high quality lifestyle thanks to advanced appliances it comprises. Among lots of options when cooking, culinary art lovers would definitely be intrigued by the induction

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Brutally fascinating

  Bold and functional, complex and urban. Inspired by the works of Swiss architect Le Corbusier, Brutalism is an architectural style that saw its heyday between 1950 and 1970. The origin of this name lies in the French term béton brut, which

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Zaha Hadid: talent in feminine

When Zaha Hadid has died this March, the world press profiled her passing with justified grief. A star of architectural world that had equally made her mark on the world of design was gone. As the first woman winning the prestigious Pritzker award

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1683: Multi-sensorial experience

The Black Forest, the birthplace of Gaggenau 333 years ago, comes to life in Manhattan. Gaggenau delivers a truly immersive culinary experience, recreating not only the atmosphere of the original Black Forest, but also capturing the very essence that

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Jura® Impressa E8: Professional coffee in the comfort of your home

  The secret of exceptional coffee lies in its preparation. Jura® has perfected this process in its Impressa E8 model, offering professional quality in the comfort of your home. When evaluating a good coffee, the color of the cream reveals

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La Cuisine International: Creating a kitchen with VIP treatment

La Cuisine International finds its origins two decades ago, when Josu Gaubeka, current president and CEO, decided to open a high-end kitchen appliances store, with personalized assistance adding value to the careful selection of premium brands. 20

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Coyote: All you can need for an outdoor kitchen

Coyote is a brand that has managed to grasp opportunities on the market and advance thanks to a unique offering that highlights accessible luxury. Therefore, premium materials and accessories are offered at affordable price. Its catalog of grills and

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After sales service: a key to growth

                      We know that consumer support and after sales service are aspects that add value to the business. Many consumers consider these issues

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Jura coffee app

JURA Coffee App: Technology at the service of coffee

Jura coffee App technology empowers your smartphone to control a coffee machine and save your favorite coffee. Something unimaginable centuries ago, when this exquisite drink first started igniting fascination around the world. Ethiopia is

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